8 Free And Essential WordPress Plugins For Your Blog

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Blogging includes many things other than just writing content. Yes, the content is the most important thing but you have to create environment for your blog’s readers so that it could be easy for them to find your content.

If you are using WordPress as a platform for your blog, you might be aware of its customization and functionality. There are lots of plugins available. So, the newbie blogger are always confused what plugins to use and which are essential. Blog of different niche needs different plugins but there are few plugins which are universal. I mean, those plugins are essential for any type of blog.

Here are the 8 free and essential wordpress plugins for your blog.

  1. WordPress SEO by Yoast
    This is one of the best SEO plugin for wordpress and is being used by thousands of bloggers. The plugin’s main strength comes from the comprehensive options: WordPress SEO does everything you’d expect a good SEO plugin to do, and it does it very well. It will help you power your site up the rankings.
  2. Akismet
    This plugin helps you fight against spam. Once your blog is up and running, the major problem you will face is spam comments. There will tons of spam comment and to stop that, you can use this plugin. Just register an account with them and use the license key provided by them.
  3. W-3 Total Cache
    This is one of the most essential plugin for your wordpress blog. It creates a copy of your site and then displays that to visitors, rather than generating a unique copy for each visitor. This allows your site’s server to use fewer resources, resulting in the site loading faster.
  4. There is another caching plugin, WP Super Cache which also performs well. You can use any one of these two on your website and speed up your website.
  5. Redirection
    This plugin helps you to create redirection for your blog. If you have a broken link on your blog, you can use this plugin to redirect that link to another one. This plugin also works well in creating redirection for your affiliate links. Affliate links looks ugly and you can create redirection such as yourwebsite.com/afflink/product. Such type of link looks good than the original affiliate link.
  6. Contact Form 7
    One of the important thing of a blog is a contact form. You need to keep in touch with your readers and there should be an easy way of communication between the blogger and the reader. With the use of Contact Form 7, you can easily create contact form which you can implement on your blog page via shortcode and you are done. Now, your blog readers can easily contact you.
  7. BackWPup
    This plugin is also one of the most important. It creates backup of your blog or website so that in case you lost your data from the server or your website go hacked, you can easily recover from the backup.
  8. Now, there are many backup plugins out there but I selected this one due to its features. It supports automatic backup and you can select where you want to store the backup file – to backup directory, FTP, Dropbox, S3, etc.
  9. Digg Digg
    This plugin is for enabling your readers to share your blog’s content easily. Digg Digg adds a set of social sharing buttons which ‘float’ alongside your content and then scroll with the page. This creates a great opportunity for promoting your content on social media and this practice is also effective. Don’t miss out on free promotion.
  10. Jetpack
    This plugin is developed by Automattic, the same people who are behind the WordPress project. Jetpack brings some of the super-handy functionality enjoyed by WordPress.com users — such as caching of images on a super-fast CDN, website stats and spelling and grammar checking — to self hosted WordPress users.
  11. Jetpack adds a bunch of functionality, and is a really handy plugin to have around, so make sure you check out the full list of features and don’t forget to add it to your site.

If you have any suggestion or want to share the plugin you are using on your blog, feel free to comment below or you can simple share your opinion about this post.

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