Top 5 Websites To Find Royalty Free Images

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Image speaks louder than words. Adding a relevant image to your blog post article is important. It makes your article sticky and resonates more with those who are reading the article. But due to the copyright laws, you can’t just pick up any image you see online and insert it into your blog post. If the owner of that image hasn’t given you right to use it, then you might end up being sued for copyright infringement.

So, to avoid such things and be on a safer side, here I am providing you top 5 websites to find royalty free images which you are free to use as you wish.

EverstockPhoto []

Everstockphoto is one of the most popular website to find royalty free images. It is well-known as the search engine for free images. Their images comes from many sources but don’t feel uncomfortable as they are all license specified.

If you creating an account on everstockphoto for free, you will be able to upload, tag, comment and collect images on the website.

Currently, the website is having more than a million images. Everstock was launched in April 2006.

One of their main aim is to become the leading portal for the stock exchange photography community, and add more features to service to make it more user friendly.

Stock.XCHNG []

This awesome website is probably one of the biggest place on the internet to look for royalty free images. It has over 400,000 free images on virtually different types of topic on the internet; ranging from Arts to Technology.

Also, as it is now owned by Getty Image, everyone is expecting to see more enhanced image search services on the long haul.

You must give them a try today.

Free Photos Bank []

This is another awesome website to get free images for your blog post articles. Free Photo Bank offers you an awesome option to see which photos are the most downloaded and the good thing is – you really don’t have to register in other to download them.

Another best thing is that you can decide to use it literally for anything you have in mind. You are free to use those images anywhere you wish in any way.

Photo Pin []

This is an awesome website that is among the best when you want beautiful and elegant images of top-quality and free photos for your personal use. Although for each image, there are many types of protection such as creative commons licensing. This means that if you use any of their photo, you need to give them credit for that and link back to them. []

This is yet another awesome free image community having a unique way of uploading images on their website. All their photos are free, either business, personal or educational – every image you find there is free.

Although, their images are of small size, they are perfect for small use. But, if you are not satisfied with the small images and need the larger size of their image, then you need to go for the premium account and after that, you will be able to get images in higher resolution.

If you have any other similar type of website which is good and useful, you can suggest me over here at the comments section. If you have used any of the above mentioned website, you can share your experience and thought also in the comment section below.

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